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Reliable and Mobilized PCR Test Service in Marmaris Due to pandemics, it has become a problem to have a test with the PCR requirement brought to foreign travels. To prevent this, our company offers a mobile testing service. For this, you can test anywhere you want. Thus, you avoid the tiring and long queues at the airports and hospitals. We are at your service with our attentive personnel and extensive mobilized laboratories in Marmaris, Explore Our Services: Accredited PCR Test Service Our service is based on conducting the PCR test, which is required for international flights, by our nurses who will come to a place you want. Our nurse can come wherever you want: your hotel, your home, anywhere you want. The most important thing is that the nurse is sterile and extremely obeys pandemic rules. Our Understanding of Service We aim to solve the problem of testing, which is one of the most important needs of the modern era, with the mobile service we provide. For this, we serve with the wide health network we have established in many regions of Turkey. We provide service via WhatsApp to prevent the congestion that occurs in hospitals or airports for testing. We send you the necessary equipment and our nurse immediately after sending your location and required information to us via WhatsApp. You can call our personal to your home, hotel or wherever you want. Thus, you can have your test done in a very sterile environment within the pandemic precautions. Experienced, Professional, and Trained Stuff Our staff are attentive in their work and have taken all the required hygiene measures. PCR tests of all of them are done regularly and all of them have been vaccinated. In addition, they take all personal precautions such as masks, gloves, and hygiene. The most important point is that thanks to the care and attention of our staff, the pain in the tests is a very low degree. The results of the tests are sent to you in PDF format, within 4-6 hours. Advantages of QR System – No Need To Leave Home to Get Your Results! The PDF file you receive will also contain a QR code, in addition to the required information about your test. You can use it at airports without any problems. Thanks to the QR code, your information can be tracked on the Turkish Ministry of Health System. You can scan the QR code and travel without any problem. Avoiding Fake Tests There are many companies that claim to test cheaply today. Besides the problem of

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